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Retail Store Ads in Delhi is Most Cost Effective Medium to Reach Audience. JM Publicity offering Retail Store Ads at Best Price in Delhi. Our Retail Store Ads Agency Listed in Top Advertising Agencies in Delhi.

Inshop Branding Solutions in Delhi, Retail Advertising Agency in Delhi, Retail Displays Adverting Agency in Delhi Both in-house displays of merchandise and advertising displays should be:

• Attention getting in coloration and layout
• Informative in regard to the product
• Either a direct or subtle sales pitch to convince the customer that he or she needs the product
• Informative of price, especially if it is a 'special price'

Both display advertising and in-house displays often do well to feature a number of related products, some of which may or may not be on sale. Past studies in advertising have shown that a person's eye is generally attracted to the center of a display, then off to the right of center and lastly reaches the edge of the display. It is therefore good practice to place a featured item, which may be on sale, at the center of the display and another product for which you most wish to generate sales, to the immediate right of the featured item. Other related products may be placed outward from around the center of the display.

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