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Bus Stop & Shelter Advertising in Delhi is Most Cost Effective Medium to Reach Audience. JM Publicity offering Bus Stop & Shelter Advertising at Best Price in Delhi. Our Bus Stop & Shelter Advertising Agency Listed in Top Advertising Agencies in Delhi.

Bus Shelters Advertising in Delhi, Advertising Agencies For Bus Stop in Delhi, Bus Stop Shelter Advertisement in Delhi, Bus Stop Shelter Ads in Delhi, Ads on Bus stop in Delhi. The advertiser has an option in Bus Stop Shelter Advertisements in Delhi. You can opt for either illuminated or non-illuminated advertisement as per your need and budget.

Features of Bus Stop Shelter Advertising in Delhi:
Special aspects that you should pay attention to while choosing Bus to stop Shelter advertising in Delhi. A thorough knowledge of these features will help you gain maximum business from this type of marketing mechanism.

• Offers high-frequency
• Yields targeted and focused coverage
• Extremely cost-effective media avenue
• Offers ideal synergy for radio; providing the visual element of a campaign
• Offers flexibility; creative campaign may be "walked", rotated or expanded to bus shelters in new areas
• Ideal for short-term, tactical/promotional campaigns

Benefits of Bus Stop Shelters Advertising
Bus Stop Shelters Advertising has innumerable benefits to offer. It will fuel your business and bring your customers and consumers at your door step. They will feel compelled to buy your merchandise and avail your services.

• Offers brands "street presence", public face and impact presence
• 24-hour clear visibility and read ability provides a high-impact medium
• Offers fast reach and frequency to neutral demographics
• Bus shelters offer the ideal platform for synergy media
• Bus shelter advertisements offer unlimited creative concept and content flexibility
• Bus shelters Ads in Delhi situated near shopping centers offer point of sale position
• Offers the potential to generate PR exposure
• Creative campaigns can easily be geographically targeted

Bus Shelter Target Markets in Delhi
Through Bus Stop Shelters Advertising in Delhi you will be able to target the following types of markets and convey your advertising messages to the following sections of people.

• Maximum reach and frequency nationally
• Supermarket shoppers en route to point of purchase
• Primary school children and parents providing daily transport
• High school pupils, school leavers and tertiary education institutions
• Seasonal, coastal regions targeting locals and holiday-makers
• Upper society consumers with high levels of disposable income

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